Preventive Maintenance

By following a basic maintenance schedule (below) you can prolong the life of your vehicle.

  • Have regular tune-ups
  • Having your oil changed on a regular basis will extend your engine life. Fresh oil = fresh start
  • Check your owners manual or have your technician check the following for you. Intervals for coolant, transmission fluid exchanges, thermostat & hoses. Transmission fluid loses its viscosity after so many miles, depending on fluid & change interval (30,000 km to 100,000 km). Check owners manual or car care guide. Coolant can turn into acid when left in engine too long., running head gasket blocks & heads, other gaskets & frost plugs.
  • Have your battery, starting & charging system checked spring & fall
  • Belts should be changed every four years
  • Two sets of tires (studded) is the safest for winter. If using all season, make sure the tire is not more than 1/2 worn or it will be unsafe.
  • Winter Wiper Blades: Many need to go with exact fit year around (big windshield vehicles)


  1. Check all fluids & tire pressure once a month
  2. Rotate tires every 15,000 km. Every 3rd oil change. Balance the two tires on the front.
  3. Have lights checked at least every 2nd oil change.
  4. Use gas line antifreeze every 3rd tank fuel during cold weather

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