Rust Proofing

This is our 25nd year rust proofing vehicles. Our product is applied with a high pressure sprayer to all parts of your car which can rust, including, the inner door panels, the frame and under the car itself.

Cornwall Auto Rust ProofingWhat is Rust Stop?
RUST STOP is a specially formulated product to work with today's metals that are currently used in vehicles. RUST STOP is not a sealant that traps moisture nor does it contain any un-refined materials that will damage rubber or plastic parts.

We recommend annual rust proofing treatments for maximum longevity of your vehicle. RUST STOP has many other uses such as boats, rv's, atv's, aircraft equipment and other areas where anti-corrosion protection is required.

Your vehicle should be washed monthly in summer and weekly during the winter. Wax should be applied in Spring and Fall for complete car protection.

Did you know your vehicle is your second biggest investment after your home.

Rust proofing on an annual basis gives your vehicle a higher re-sell value by protecting your investment.